*1985.  Santa Marta, Colombia
lives and works in Berlin, Germany.


MfA. Media Art and Design.  Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany.
Master Thesis: Memory Imageon the professorship "Multimediales Erzählen" under supervision of 
Prof. Dr. phil. Walter Bauer-Wabnegg & MfA, Nina Röder.  Degree: Master of Fine Arts (1,0 = A+)
Exhibition and Defense of the final work:  2nd April, 2014.
B.A. Direction and production of cinema & TV.  Universidad Manuela Beltran.  Bogotá, Colombia.


2009 Graduate in After Effects I.  Cimetria Training Center.  Bogotá, Colombia.
2006 Task for Documentary Directors.  Universidad de Manizáles.  Colombia.
2003 Course as Makeup-Artist for Cinema and TV.  Universidad Manuela Beltrán.  Bogotá, Colombia.


2011 MMC Film & TV Studios Cologne.  Ausstatung, set-Bau. Projektasistentin.  Köln, Germany.
2011 Oberhausen Theater. Hospitantin.  Oberhausen, Germany. 


2013  Kai.  First prize in the “Atriumflimmern” film competition.  Weimar, Germany.  
2006  Cruzando Vas.  First prize for best production in fictional short film.  Premios Césares, Colombia.
2006  El Pintor y La Modelo.  Nominated for Best Art Direction.  Premios Césares, Colombia.
2004  Bob (Stop Motion).  First prize in Blockbuster Sofasa short film competition.  Colombia. 
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